Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Reminder of Boots Advantage Points Evenings - Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th November

Hello my lovelies.  I just wanted to remind you all of the Boots Advantage Points nights which are being held on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  For every £50 you spend, you will receive an additional £12 worth of points!

I went to the evening a couple of weeks ago and racked up about £20 of additional points.  I also got a till spit offering me an additional £5 worth of points per £50 spend if I go to the evenings this week and the one in two weeks time.  I split my shopping up for this reason - I know I'm going to spend over £150 on Christmas presents, but I only spent just over £50 on the first evening, specifically to get the till spit for the following nights. 

If you buy presents this way, it's such a good way of getting additional points on what you'd spend anyway.  I hope to have about £60 worth of points to see me through January and February! 

Thanks for reading. xx


Anonymous said...

oh ffs! But I already ordered from them online to get LAST WEEKEND's deal (just a £10 points boost) and now they wanna give £12?!

:( Not fair.

Beauty Addict said...

I love getting points on my card too! But I usually redeem them pretty fast. I guess it's a good idea to save up the points and get something nicer

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Kirsty T said...

thanks for the heads up, I have a couple items I need get for Xmas so will take a look

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to nip there tomorrow, so good for getting xmas pressies (and gaining more points towards the Rouge Volupte I'm coveting :-)

Vintage and Cake said...

oh you are such a sweetie :) I love my boots card xx


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