Friday, 18 November 2011

No Spend Challenge - A Little Update

Hi everyone!  A couple of weeks ago I set off on a total no-spend beauty and clothing challenge.  I thought I'd update you on how I was doing.

Well, I have been doing so well - I've literally not bought anything fashion or beauty related - and that includes toothpaste, although I did get Mr TBBB to buy some when it was his turn to pay for the groceries!  I went to a Boots Christmas Shopping Night and managed to accrue points galore without buying a thing for myself - it was all for other people.  I've not bought any magazines for freebies and have stayed well clear of Boots at all other times

So I should be here polishing my halo, don't you think?!  Well I was  feeling very smug about my no spends until I had an email.  A little email which I'd usually love, but today made my heart sink.  It said "Your Glossy Box has been shipped".  Damn it - I'd forgotten all about that and it was all going so well!

I'm not going to beat myself up about it, but I'm annoyed that I forgot about it.  I'm going to be filling in all my Glossy Dots like mad so my December box should at least be free!

Anyone else doing a no spend challenge?  How are you finding it?

Thanks for reading! xx 


Beauty Balm said...

Well done! You are doing really well, I'm going to try for a January no spend x

Anonymous said...

Well technically you haven't bought anything as you signed up for the service a while ago right? I'm doing well so far - even I know I have way too much at this point to be even thinking about getting anything else. Obviously there is always something to buy but I've got 4 drawers full of stuff that I haven't even photographed let alone tried!

Well done, I look forward to these updates!

Forever Miss Vanity said...

Well done, I really admire your saving efforts. Unfortunately I can't stop shopping, I actually think I have an addiction and I'm already eyeing up a new dress. Maybe my new years resolution will be to save more next year.


The Brunette said...

Well done I wish I could not spend xx

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I need to get strict and do a no-spend (or at least a reduced spend), there's far too much nice stuff though!


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