Thursday, 10 November 2011

Poppy King for No 7 Lipstick - Seduction

This retails for £12 and is a limited edition.  I used a voucher and got it for £7, but I still think it's quite pricey for No 7, particularly as it is smaller than a normal No 7 lippy.  Although, it does come in a beautiful box, but the packaging of the lipstick itself is nothing special - I would've prefered it if they'd carried on the box theme on the actual lipstick tube.

I almost didn't swatch this colour, as it looked scarily dark in the tube.  However, I'm pleased I did as it's a very pretty colour and much more wearable in the flesh than in the tube - it's definitely my favourite from the Poppy King No 7 collection.  It's almost like a darker Chanel Mademoiselle. 

I find that it isn't drying on my lips and feels quite moisturising.  However, wear time is no better than average and it tends to have become patchy by the time I drink my first coffee of the day, leaving a bit of a ring of colour.  It would be better if it was slightly longer lasting.

I think it's a nice lipstick in an unusual and pretty colour.  However, there's nothing particularly special about the formula and it's quite expensive for No 7.

By the way, has anyone got any tips for taking good photos of your lips?  I generally quite like my lips, but they look horrible in lip swatch pictures - I've literally taken 50 photos in all different poses to find one I liked.  My camera also shows up the wonkiness in my lips (due to a scar from a bike accident when I was 7) which isn't really noticable in real life!  Any tips would be much appreciated!

Have you tried any of the other colours in this range?

Thanks for reading! xx


Beauty Balm said...

lovely colour - not tried any of the range. Maybe next time I get a No.7 money off voucher x

Crafty Nell said...

I have a couple of these as I love Poppy King and got them with the £5 off voucher as you did. I find they apply really nicely, and aren't too bold so are great for day wear, but they really don't last long. Maybe I need to get the lipcote out!

Penny x

betwixt beauty said...

I love these. Holding out for more No7 vouchers to get more! :)

I've got Glamour and I love it. As Penny says, the pigmentation is not too bold and so they are great for everyday wear. I posted about mine here:

I love the cute note you get and stories behind all the shades! xx

LucyyLou said...

I've tried one of the Poppy King lipsticks, I think the formula is really nice, though the shades don't really suit me :/
Lucy x

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