Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Mac Lipstick Collection

I've been tidying up some of makeup, so I thought I'd do post and swatches of my Mac lipstick collection.  I have 6 Mac lipsticks, from a number of different collections.

From the main line range I have the following lipsticks: Hug Me (which has lost its label, but is a lustre formula), Lovelorne which is also a lustre, and Creme Cup which is a Cremesheen formula.

Of all of these, I use Hug Me the most, as it's a very wearable, brownish pink colour which is perfect for day to day use.

Hug Me
Lovelorne and Creme Cup are actually quite similar toned, although I think Lovelorne is slightly deeper in colour than Creme Cup which is more bubble-gum pink, although it doesn't actually appear so in the swatches.

Creme Cup

L-R Hug Me, Lovelorne, Creme Cup

I have two lipsticks from the Wonder Woman Collection - Russian Red which is a Matte finish (and I think available in the main line as well) and Marquise D' a lustre finish.  From the To The Beach Collection I have Thrills which is a frost finish.

I've never worn Russian Red (apart from trying it on the first time I got it).  It doesn't actually suit me, it's a bit full-on and cool toned for my skin tone. 

Russian Red

Marquise D' is an everyday colour that I often wear.  It's much paler in the swatch and on the skin than in the tube and I'm sure it will suit most people. 

Marquise D'

Thrills is my absolute favourite lipstick ever - surprisingly, it's an orange toned red, shot through with a lovely shimmer.  I totally love it, and I often wear it on nights out.  It's the one lipstick that I have a back-up of, as I've never seen a dupe and it's limited edition.  My good friend even bought this after seeing me wear it, she loved the colour so much!

L-R Russian Red, Marquise D', Thrills

So not a huge number of Mac lipsticks, but I think they're pretty well loved (Russian Red aside).  What is your favourite Mac lipstick?

Thanks for reading! xx


Mal said...

Love marquise d', it's one of my fave everyday colors, and I adore the wonder woman packaging


Leanne OCD said...

Mine has got to be Viva Glam Cyndi. Love it! x

Ria said...

I don't own any MAC lipsticks, but that's only because I can't pick which ones I want! I have to admit though that my list has almost settled down to 5 which will be in my Christmas list! Hug Me is one of the 5 :D
Have a lovely day!

behindtheshoes said...

I love the Russian Red and I think that needs to be my next mac lipstick,looking at your swatch! I also have creme cup I think it looks lovely when paired with oyster girl lipglass. X

Purple Butterfly said...

These are my fav lipsticks from MAC.

Till Tomorrow - Pro Longwear
Half N Half - Amplified
Sweetie - Lustre
Hibiscus - Creamsheen (Surf Baby Collection)
Spitfire - Satin (Wonder Woman Collection)

Jenna said...

Great post, i've never actually tried MAC but those lipsticks look fab. Are they generally long lasting becausing they're quite expensive?


Niki said...

Mine's got to be the Russian Red. Very impressed with your collection, I only have one lipstick (yes just one) think I need to experiment more! Niki

Pipsqueak said...

The russian red is lovely :)

Vintage and Cake said...

Bigger than mine, I had one !! Yes one than lost it hahah so shameful, I love your colours as they look fab for every day wear I'm into orange at the moment. Not the easy to wear but makes me happy :)


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