Friday, 2 December 2011

The Bristol Beauty Blog's Christmas Gift Guide - Up to and around £25

So this is the second installment of my Christmas gift guide - I've already done one on Stocking Fillers under £10 here.  I wasn't sure what to call this one, as I've noticed that many companies call presents around £25-£50 as 'stocking fillers'.  I don't know about you, but I call this more money than sense!  I class anything of over £10 as a 'proper' present.  I'm unlikely to spend more than £20 on anyone other than my partner, parents, sisters, the very youngest of my relatives and my secretary.  Everyone else gets around £15!

This gift guide covers the 'proper present' price range above £10 up to about £25 (some slightly more), which I think is a fair range.


I have actually bought this Hello Kitty Liberty Cute Collection Cosmetic Bag for my sister-in-law as I like it so much.  How can you not like a mix of Hello Kitty and Liberty?  I wish I'd got one for my sister actually, but she'll have to lump the Origins gift set I got her!  There's plenty of other Hello Kitty Liberty Cute Collection products in the range - I'm sure they'll be a firm favourite, so definitely check them out.  This costs £16 and is part of a 3 for 2 offer.

You can't go wrong with  The Sanctuary really.  I love it and I know that lots of Mum's love it as well.  I particularly liked this Sanctuary Spa Facial in-a-box which is £20 and contains all you need for a home facial.  This is definitely a good present for someone who likes being pampered! This is also on 3 for 2.

Another gift for beauty lovers is the Champneys Spa Complete Relaxation Kit which costs £25 (also on 3 for 2).  This sounds like heaven, full of body products designed to help you relax.

One brand that makes great gift sets is Soap & Glory.  I love their Not Just a Pretty Case which contains a number of products in a very cute vanity case.  This is more expensive than some of the other products here at £35, but is also on the 3 for 2 offer.  I was tempted to buy it when I saw it in store, but I suspect it may be one of Boots' Star Buy products reduced to better than half price at some point... I'm not saying it will be, but they do seem to have had a lot of similar products to last year, and their Soap & Glory offer was great last year!

There are two nail art kits from Boots that I like.  The first is the Frontcover Brush Works Nail Art Kit for £20 and the second is 17 Metallic Nails Decoration Kit which is £16.  Again, both are on 3 for 2.  The Frontcover kit contains more transfers than the 17, but the 17 is keeper and I prefer the nail polishes.  Either would be great for someone who likes nail art or for teenagers.

The Body Shop

I accidentially included this Gift-set of Make-up Brushes from The Body Shop in my stocking filler gift guide - I meant to include them here instead!  They cost £25 and contains 4 useful brushes.    

This Japanese Cherry Blossom Medium Gift Set from the Body Shop contains a bath and body wash and an Eau de Toilette.  It costs £20.  I've not smelt this, but I really want to.  This is the sort of gift I'd buy for my sisters in law.

I think I may have been given a smaller version of this Satsuma Medium Gift Box last year and I really loved it.  I would definitely like to receive this under the tree again!  It's something I might get for my mother-in-law or step-mother-in-law for Christmas. It costs £25.

If satsuma isn't your thing, you can't do wrong with the Shea Butter Medium Gift Box which contains the same products as the satsuma one, but shea butter scented.  This is also £25.

All Body Shop gifts are currently on buy 2 get 2 free, which is a pretty good deal!


There is currently 10% off all beauty products, so I've posted the prices with and without discount.

If you're stuck for a present for someone, you can't really go wrong with the Naked Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay.  Currently in stock, and on offer at £31.50 rather than £35, it would make a great present for anyone, even someone who's not that into makeup.

Another good gift is the Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara Gift Set from Lancome.  This includes mascara, a mini eyeliner and Bi-facial.  This currently costs £20.25 rather than £22.50.  

Debenhams sell Mac online, and I like this Mac Iced Delights Gold Eye Bag for £32.40 (instead of £36).  This is limited edition and contains two shadows, liner, mascara and a brush in a silver bag.  Definitely one for a makeup junkie.

A possible present for your Mum?  This is the Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection Gift Set which costs £25.20 at the moment, down from £28.

John Lewis

John Lewis have a couple of Leighton Denny gift sets, both of which look fab.  The Leighton Denny Manicure Must Haves is pricey at £39, but is packed full of stuff for a nail addict. If this is out of your price range, then the Leighton Denny Totally Groomed kit is cheaper at £24.75. 

Not really beauty related, but totally girly is this Filofax Songbird Personal Organiser in purple.  This is £25.60 and would be a great gift for a girly girl.

I'm always going on about how much I love Clinique makeup, especially their eyeshadows.  So, I would love to find this Clinique Black Honey Make-up Gift Set under my tree.  I want it!  It costs £27.90.

They also did this last year, and I'm really pleased they're doing it again.  The Origins Ginger Treats Gift Set costs £26.10 which is a bargain, as it contains three Origins Ginger products. I bought this for one of my sisters last year and the other one is getting it this year.

House of Fraser

There is currently a good sale on at House of Fraser, so I've posted the prices as they are at the time of writing as well as their normal prices.  There are some excellent bargains!

This Rose & Co Rose and Patchouli Bath set is currently on offer at £13.50 instead of £15.  This is what I class as an 'Aunt' present!

From Benefit, you can buy the Powdawozer Gift Set for £17.55 instead of £19.50.  This contains three blushers/bronzers and would be suitable for any beauty addict or teenager.

The ESPA Bath Oil Collection looks like a perfect present for spoiling your Mum.  It costs £24.30 instead of £27 and has 6 different bath oils.

If you have a new baby to buy for, this Cowshed Baby Cow Organics Gift Set could be the perfect present.  As well as three dinky baby toilettries, it has Floyd the Sponge who is a cutie! This costs £23.40 (usually £26).

Finally, something a little bit naughty!  I noticed this Kama Sutra Lover's Travel Kit for £25.60 (down from £32) and thought I had to include it!  It contains lots of naughty goodies - possibly a present to buy your man (or for him to buy for you)! 

I was going to include more presents, but this has already turned into the world's longest blog post and I think there's a large range here.  I will be posting more on wildly expensive gifts and having a look at Christmas fragrances as well, so look out for these.  Don't forget my Stocking Filler and under £10 post here as well.

Thanks for reading! xx


Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I'd be chuffed to get any of that, I've got my Mum a Glossybox as part of her Christmas present!

Carissa said...

Pretty good informative post, I'd love to get any one of those items, especially the Lancome mascara. Thanks for following my blog, I'll follow yours. =)

LucyyLou said...

So many of these gifts I want or have actually purchased already! Great post :)


Beauty Balm said...

I bought the Lancome Hypnose Mascara set for my sister - she wanted a new mascara and this one is my current favourite. I always hint to hubby for a Origins Ginger set! x

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