Friday, 23 December 2011

Pre-Christmas Waffle

Merry Christmas everyone!

Apologies for my lack of posting over the past couple of weeks - you know how it is with work and Christmas etc.  My blog's had to take a bit of a back seat for a while.  I did have lots of pre-Christmas posts planned, however, you'll have to make do with me rambling on!

So, I'm almost all ready for Christmas - just one more present to get today, because annoyingly, a little outfit I'd bought for my friend's little girl ages ago still has the security tag on it.  I've thrown away the receipt and I don't fancy going into town today, so I'll have to get something else for her.  Other than that, I'm all set!

I was running the Christmas Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge, although I noticed a lot of peoples enthusiasm dwindle after a couple of weeks, including my own.  I completely forgot to post about it last week, and this week I've put on a pound.  Sorry to those of you taking part - let's all start again in the New Year, when I know I'm always keen to detox.  Well done to those of you who have lost more than 1lb!

I've been running a couple of other challenges.  The first was my total no-spend on beauty and cosmetics challenge which ends on Christmas day.  I think I've done very well on this one.  OK, I forgot about my Glossy Boxes, and two of them came my way, and I also bought a nail polish costing £5.  I can totally justify the nail polish though, as it was when I was buying presents at a Boots points event.  Without the polish, my total came to £96.  However, for every £50 I spent, I'd get £12 worth of points.  So, by spending an extra £5, I got £12 of points - definitely worth it and justifiable I think.  Other than that, not a penny has been spent - I'm very proud of that!

My Houston We Have a Problem body moisturiser challenge has also been going well.  I've just about used up the last 3 body moisturisers I needed to before Christmas, and a couple of them were full sized ones as well!  However, before I get too smug, Mr TBBB did bring me back some more little hotel-swiped bottles from his travels and he also got me an early Christmas present of duty-free Prada Candy... complete with body lotion!  So, I've accumulated more moisturiser without even thinking about it!  Once I've assessed the anticipated Christmas stash, I'm going to keep this challenge going.

I've really enjoyed challenging myself to use stuff up.  There's definitley some space in my beauty storage and although I know it will rapidly fill up, I am considering doing some more challenges next year to really trim down my stash.  Plus, we're full steam ahead in saving at the moment to buy a new house, so anything I can do to avoid spending loads of money is a bonus.  Look out for some more challenge related posts coming soon.

Anyway, sorry for my waffling and lack of recent posts.  I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, having a great time with your family and friends.  I'm off out to see some of my friends soon before heading off to see my family, so see you all after Christmas!

Happy Christmas! xx


The Brunette said...

Don't worry about the lack of posts I am in the same situation at the moment because of work etc I just blog when I can.

Have a lovely christmas xx

MrsAri said...

Apo.ogirs for lack of contribution re weight OSS challenge - as soon as I signed up sustained a serious rib injury during a tennis match so no exercise at all. So have maintained weight but not lost. Am game on for jan weight loss challenge - can't wait! Thanks for keeping on blogging. X

Anonymous said...

Well I'm with you all the way in 2012! I need (not want) to lose weight, I'm still on my 4 month spending ban, and I'm also on the product use up/reduce the stash, and saving money as my job ends next December and hubby and I have started a business.

Let me me know when you are going to start posting about weight loss and any other challenges so we can link up together!

I'm over 2011 - here's to 2012! :D

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