Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Festive Christmas Nails and Swatches - Part 2

This is the second part of my Festive Christmas Nails series.  I'm showcasing nail polishes I have in my collection that I think are particularly festive and Christmassy.  The first post can be found here.

Please let me know which polish you think is the most festive in each post - I'm having a bit of a battle of the polishes competition to work out which is the most festive and I'll wear that one on Christmas Day. 

From left to right: Revlon Ruby Ribbon, Revlon Emerald City, Ciate Kitten Heels, OPI Rising Star from the Burlesque Collection and Barbara Daly Velvet

Thumb: Barbara Daly Velvet; Fingers L-R: OPI Rising Star, Ciate Kitten Heels, Revlon Emerald City, Revlon Ruby Ribbon

L-R: Revlon Ruby Ribbon, Revlon Emerald City, Ciate Kitten Heels, OPI Rising Star

Both Revlon polishes are matte, but I'm not sure why, because in the bottle they are shimmery.  I've shown them with a topcoat, as I don't think that matte nails have any place at Christmas.  The Ciate Kitten Heels polish is from a Glossy  Box and I think it might be a bit tomato-y for Christmas.  I wish Rising Star was slightly more golden, as it's a bit bronzy for me. Finally, Velvet by Barbara Daly is quite similar to Ruby Ribbon (when worn with a topcoat), but slightly darker.  It might be more of an autumn colour than Christmas, I'm not sure.  

I think that Emerald City with a topcoat is my festive pick of this lot - let me know what yours is!

Thanks for reading! xx


What Larry Loves! said...

I love the Gold!!! :D

Beauty Balm said...

I love Emerald City too - its gorgeous! x

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