Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge - Update #3

I'm really slow at getting this up this week - I literally didn't have time to do it on Friday and I forgot to weigh myself.  Then I did weigh myself yesterday, but forgot to post it... Anyway, here you go, week 3 of the Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge.  I'm not doing very well - I've lost nothing thing week.  I'm sure that the crap eating and lack of exercise is to blame! 

I hope the rest of you are doing better than me!


Katie, the Bristol Beauty Blog - Week 1: Lost 1 lb; Week 2: Lost 1lb; Week 3: STS
Rachelle, Behind the Shoes - Week 1: Lost 4 lb; Week 2: lost 1 lb
Ray, Who is She??? - Week 1: Lost 1.5 lb; Week 2: Lost 1.5 lb
Mrs Ari - Week 2: Lost 1 lb
Missy Ellie, Ellie's Beauty Blog -Week 2: Lost 2 lb
Hannah, Betwixt Beauty - Week 2: Lost 1.4 lb
Lucy, Beauty and the Blogger
Kat, Kat's Beauty Reviews Week 1: Lost 1lb
Elle, Beauty Abroad Week 1: Lost 2lb already! Week 2: Lost 1 lb
Lovelaine94, Fi's Beauty Box Week 2: Lost 2 Lb

Let me know how you're doing and I'll edit the list...

Thanks for reading! xx


Elle said...

I'm still that same! I blame all the food they bring out for Xmas.

I fly back to the uk on Thursday for two weeks, so i'm hoping walking around christmas shopping will help out as long as I say away from the biscuits :(


Ray said...

I've stayed the same too- I blame the works xmas do on Friday night, which resulted in the hangover from hell and lots of junk food.. xx

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