Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No Spend - the Final Update

I set myself a little challenge back at the beginning of November... the challenge was to not spend any money on beauty, cosmetics, skincare etc or any clothing and accessories until 25th December. 

I've updated a couple of times on this, and by and large, I completed the challenge successfully.  I find it easy not to spend money on clothes and accessories - although I love new clothes, I hate shopping for them, so this part of the challenge wasn't hard for me. 

It was slightly harder to avoid beauty and skincare products.  I blogged earlier this week that I had forgotten about two Glossy Boxes which I was billed for.  Fortunately, due to the way I pay for my Glossy Boxes, they come out of a different budget to my normal beauty spends...so I could pretend they didn't really count.  Maybe I should.  I also bought a £5 nail polish, which was bought to ensure I spent enough on Boots points night to get an additional £12 worth of points - worth it I think.  What I didn't buy was any extraneous or impulse makeup or beauty.  I didn't chuck anything into my trolly at the supermarket and I didn't just pop into Boots - this was helped by the fact my office has moved and I no longer have a Boots just next to my office... Last week, I did end up buying some footcare products, but these are more medical than beauty so they don't count either.

So I've been pretty successful with this challenge, and I'm pleased with how it's gone.  However, I have spent an obscene amount of money (for me) in the sales over the last couple of days.  There are lots of bargain gift sets coming my way and some more I picked up in the sales today.  I love gift sets! But I'm sure I'll have to do another no spend for most of next year to make up for it!

Thanks for reading! xx


Claire@Eyelining said...

Congrats on successfully completing your challenge :-) Methinks I might need to do another no buy project from the beginning of next year (i.e. from next week haha). I need to save! x

World Of Beauty said...

thats great well done, I plan to do this from the beginning of january, although the money i save will probably just go towards paying off what i spent in dec, but hey ho.
saving must be done xx

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Thanks ladies - judging by what I've spent in the sales, I'm on a no buy for the whole of 2012!!! x

Beauty Balm said...

I need to do this for the whole of january! x

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