Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Houston We Have A Problem Body Moisturiser Challenge - Update #4

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and got loads of great presents!  You may remember I had set myself a challenge to reduce my body moisturiser stash to 16 moisturiser (I started with 26 and this increased to 27 during the challenge).  In my last post on this challenge, I had already got down to 15 moisturisers .  So I set myself a further challenge - to get down to 12 moisturisers remaining by Christmas.  The good news is, I did it!

The first I used was The Sanctuary Body Lotion which is a classic favourite of mine.  I can't get enough of The Sanctuary's signature smell and this is a moisturising lotion which is thick enough to use in winter as well as summer.  I managed to use up the whole bottle in about 2 weeks!

I got Clarins Eau Dynamisant Moisturizing Body Lotion in a bargain gift set I picked up in the sales last Christmas, but hadn't got round to using it until now.  I have to say, I really loved it - I usually hate body lotions sold in fragrance gift sets, as I find they're often an afterthought and terrible quality.  However, this was a complete exception.  It was wonderfully softening and it absorbed really easily into my skin.  I think this would be even better as a summery moisturiser, as it was quite light.  However, I'd look into getting this again.  Also, a little went a long way with this one and it took a while to use it up.

Finally I had a little, unidentified pot in my stash with barely anything in it.  I think my Mum gave this to me ages ago, and I'd used some of it before - there was hardly anything in the pot.  On reading the label, it appeared that this was a glycerine filled hand cream rather than a body cream.  Nevermind, I'd counted it in my original post, so I used it on my elbows and knees and it was used up in a single application - now why didn't I do that (literally) years ago?!

Most of these are now used up!

I'm going to ignore the fact that in December 3 more moisturisers found their way into my stash (and this was pre-Christmas - there's far more now).  I didn't buy them, so they can be counted when I tally up my Christmas and sales beauty stash.  I'm going to restart this challenge in the new year with the aim to totally clear my stash!

Thanks for reading! xx


Beauty Balm said...

I love Clarins body lotions x

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

The Clarins lotion was lovely - makes me want to try more! x

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