Friday, 14 January 2011

Quick Weight Loss Update

Hi everyone.  Just wanted to do a quick weight loss post, as I've not had a chance to do any 'proper' blogging this week - I've been so manic and have spent the last 3 days in London without good internet access.

I weighed in on Monday and the good news is, I'm down 2lb! 

That's in the right direction and on target so far.  I was so full of good intentions this week for exercise.  However, I stubbed my toe VERY BADLY on Monday and could hardly walk on Tuesday - at first I thought I'd broken my toe.  It's still very swollen and bruised, but I can now walk without too much pain.  However, my intention to go out running has been put back a few days, as I don't want to push it!  The last few days have been spent lugging a massive suitcase around London (if you've been commuting and seen a woman limping a bit and then getting stuck in the tube barrier time and time again - it was probably me!).  I've probably had more exercise the last three days than the week before, but my eating habits have been more erratic.

I've decided to follow the new Weight Watcher Pro Points plan.  I have serious doubts about it because I seem to be eating far more than usual.  I liked following the old points plan; it worked for me and I chose really healthy options.  However, I do seem to have more flexibility with the Pro Points plan, as I can eat more fruit when I'm hungry.  I'm willing to give it a go for a couple of months and see how I do.

I am worried that if I don't step up my exercise, I'll hit a weight loss plateau.  I've broken through my psychologic weight barrier (10 stone) and am now a few pounds under that barrier.  I basically haven't been as light as I am currently for about ten years.  Although that's really good, I remember I was never happy with my weight in my early twenties, and I struggled to lose any more without a serious committment to exercise.  I have weighed as little as 9 stone, but I was 18 at the time and ran 5 miles a day then! 

I know that genetics and body type is a factor in how much weight you can actually lose, so to get to 9 stone or less (which is my goal) now will be a difficult achievement.  However, genetically, I have exactly the same body type as both my sisters, who both weigh between 8 to 8.5 stone.  I think they've been blessed with much faster metabolisms than me... However, they are both curvey, but slim at the same time.  So, as far as I see it, there's no reason for me not to be at or slightly under 9 stone genetically.  It's down to me being lazy in cooking and exercise!

So the plan for the weekend is to do quite a bit of walking, and then next week, to start to do some running.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with running.  I love it when I can run several miles and it's the best exercise for weight loss.  However, I get frustrated when I'm starting off training and often push myself too hard.  I've also had many running related injuries over the years which have stopped me training over and over again.  A physio once told me that I had a terrible skeleton for running, but it was only due to my mega inner-thigh muscle control which prevented me from getting seriously injured!  I took that as a complement!

Are you doing a post-Christmas exercise or diet challenge?  How's it going?

Thanks for reading!  xx


behindtheshoes said...

Congrats on the 2lb loss. I hope your toe heals quickly. Xxx

Anonymous said...

How is the new weight watchers plan different from the old one?

I'm low carbing it and I've been quite happy so far. Going to do an update at the end of the month.

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