Saturday, 15 January 2011

NOTD - Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe

Well, after the saga of getting hold of this polish, the stunning Across the Universe by Deborah Lippmann, I've now had a chance to apply it - what do you think?

It's a beautiful polish, that builds up layer upon layer to create a stunning, multi-dimensional glitter look.  The first coat was very thin, with sparse glitter and a transparent black/blue coloured base.  However, I kept painting on layers to get the effect you  can see, with the glitter appearing to recede to give the 'galaxy' effect and the base coat darkening to an opaque midnight blue.  I think this is four layers, but I could've got away with three.  I painted my nails in poor, artificial light, and initially I wasn't happy with the results.  However, when I saw the effect this morning in daylight, I totally changed my mind and I love it!

The polish was easy to work with and apply, the brush was manouverable and it dried relatively quickly.  However, I do appear to have some duvet-smudged nails, but I think this is because I painted so many layers on. I should've added a top coat before taking the pics.

I'm very pleased I bought this, and I can see that this will be a favourite for special occasions and when I just need a bit of glamorous glitter.  I did break my beauty diet to buy this, but I'm going to forgive myself for that, as I've been searching for it for two months!  It cost £16.

Deborah Lippmann polishes are supposedly available at House of Fraser Apothecarys across the country.  They were in stock in the Victoria Street branch in London, and Charlie reports that they are in stock in Exeter.  I'd advise ringing first before making a special trip to get one though.

Thanks for reading!  xx


Lipstick Luvvie said...

I love it! Really want to try some of the range, made a very long wish list once it became available online at House of Fraser, no I have to wait for some funds!

behindtheshoes said...

Such a pretty shade, it look's lovely on. X

jv said...

Love this! OMGoodness what a stunning over the top color! thanks for the post x jeanie

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