Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mac Creme Cup and All That Glitters

This post is a bit belated, but back in November I was lucky enough to win Julie's fantastic giveaway which was for a Mac lipstick and eyeshadow of my choice.  What a great giveaway, and thank you very much Julie!  You should go and look at her fab blog, Musings of a Make Up Maniac if you've not seen it before.

I chose Creme Cup lipstick and All That Glitters eyeshadow as my prizes.

Taken with flash - this is a more accurate colour than without

Creme Cup, with a clear gloss over the top

Creme Cup is a lovely, almost sheer, pinky colour - it's girly without being too 'Barbie'. I think it'll be a perfect shade for spring and summer, although I have been wearing over the Christmas holidays as well.  It's a Cremesheen lipstick - this is the first Mac Cremesheen lipstick I've owned.  I've seen a few blog articles saying that Cremesheen lippies have a tendancy to melt and mis-shape in the summer.  Have you had this problem?

Despite its name, All That Glitters is not a glittery eyeshadow.  It's a pretty beige colour, tending towards golden, and it does have a sheen on the eye.  It's a very useful, everyday colour that I've been getting plenty of use from.  Like all Mac shadows, its quality is excellent, and it lasts a long time without creasing.

With flash - All That Glitters (top) Creme Cup (bottom)

Without flash - All That Glitters (top) Creme Cup (bottom)

I'm really pleased that I chose both of these colours.  Both are useful, everyday shades that I know I'll get plenty of wear from, rather than a dramatic or outlandish colour that I'd use once in a blue moon!  So thank you so much Julie for having the giveaway!

Thanks for reading!  xx


Hannah said...

Love the look of both of these products :)
I've ordered Shy Girl lipstick from MAC & it'll be my first cremesheen... so I hope it doesn't melt in the summer! xx

behindtheshoes said...

I got creme cup and cyndi at christmas and love them both. I haven't tried creme cup with a gloss yet. Xxx

Anonymous said...

i have creme cup :) i included it in my latest mac haul if you fancy taking a peek!

i've been eyeing up all that glitters for a while, although when i ordered a couple of eyeshadows online last week (amoung quite a few other things, woops) i opted for expensive pink instead :) xx

Ray said...

I wanted creme cup for ages, was going to get it with my empties but they were sold out. Ended up getting Creme d'nude instead. Getting shy girl (hopefully) next week with some more empties. You suit both of those colours xxx

Rebecca said...

I love the names of the products! The look lovely too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely colours which look great together - you have great shaped lips if that doesn't sound weird! Thanks for this. Jan x

Leanne OCD said...

Gorgeous colours and as everyone said, they look perfect together.
Lucky girl x

Crafty Nell said...

Nice choices! I might have to get that lipstick, I love it!

Penny x

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