Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Beauty Diet Reboot for 2011 – Part One, Toiletries

You may remember that last year I tried to use up lots of beauty products I had kicking around in an attempt to save money and to rid myself of lots of half empty bottles and make some space in my cupboards.  It was all going so well... I made big inroads into my moisturiser stash (which was once at an overwhelming 38 moisturisers), I finally used up one of my evil exfoliators, and I didn’t buy myself a single shower gel for the whole of 2010 (I’m just using up the very last mini bottle of shower gel from last year).  Woohoo, I had some space in my cupboard and was feeling cleansed. 

But then I started to slip a bit... I just ignored my restriction on buying makeup, splashed out at Origins one day, and began to buy more bits.  I realised I had four different face washes on the go, three exfoliators (and I only really like one of them), two face masques, and a load of half used body lotions floating around.

These are just shower gels/bubble baths

These are all my body lotions, butters, foot and hand creams

And then the Christmas smellies haul came.  At first I thought that it hadn’t been a good Christmas for beauty bits.  But I tried to put them all away in my cupboards (and the Christmas smellies were swelled with some bargain sale gift sets by this time, with more on order as I type this), I realised that I was back to square one.  A quick tot up reveals the following stash, some of which I already had:

11 shower gels/bubble baths (same difference as I use bubble bath in the shower)
4  body scrubs
4 bath puff thingies and 1 sponge (I did need a new bath puff anyway)
8 soaps and 1 liquid soap
11 body lotions *
4 body butters *
4 hand creams *
2 foot creams *
4 face washes on the go
3 facial scrubs on the go
One shampoo and conditioner on the go, two conditioners in reserve, and a further shampoo and conditioner set
A whole load of half used haircare products (some of which should really go in the bin)
A whole load of half used moisturisers, serums, oils and random samples
Two half used gradual self tanners and one full sized fake tan
I also have loads of samples of eyemakeup remover as well as two full sized bottles
Sample stash – ever growing again, despite my Sample Sunday efforts last year.

* These are unused lotions, butters and creams – I have more on the go as well.

I’ve managed to fit most of these in my cupboards, just about.  All my body creams have been relegated to a (large) box somewhere else as they simply wouldn’t fit it!  I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed by them all again, so I thought I’d restart the Beauty Diet to challenge myself to get through them all and stop buying any new things unless I need them.  So here are my challenges for the upcoming months:

Shower gels – Use up all the ones I have and not buy any new ones for another whole year!  This is a very tough challenge, but there are some very large bottles there, so I hope to meet it.  I also know I’ll acquire various shower gels over the year from hotels I stay in and maybe for my birthday, so it may be possible.

Body scrubs – actually get into the habit of using these regularly and use them up.

Body creams/lotions – continue with my daily moisturising to reduce the huge stash I have.  I want to get to as near as zero as possible by the end of the year.

Face washes – I’ve got 4 on the go, although not much of any of them left.  I need to actually use these up before buying any more.  I’m hoping that what I have left will last me until the end of February before buying any more.

Facial scrubs – With three on the go, I need to actually use them up.  One is meh, one is OK and the other is a dermabrasion scrub that I only use occasionally.  So I hope the meh and OK one will last me to the end of February before I need to buy any more.

Shampoo and conditioner – I think I’ve got enough shampoo to last me until the end of February (but possibly not), so I’m going to try to stretch it to then.  I reckon I’ve got enough conditioner until the end of April, so I’m not buying any more until then.

Facial Moisturiser etc – I’m not going to be super-strict with moisturisers as I do have sensitive skin and certain things react badly to me.  Also I change products dependent on the weather.  However, I think I have enough products to last me until the end of March, when I’ll probably be looking for a lighter moisturiser anyway by then. 

Eyeshadow remover – I think I’ve enough of this to last me until the end of March.

Haircare products – I’m going to sort these out, bin any horrible products (and actually do it), and use up the ones I currently have.  I’m nearly out of Moroccan Oil, but I’m not going to buy anymore until I’ve used everything else up, so if I want it, I’ll have to ration it!  I’ve got some pricey L’Oreal Professional bits that I haven’t even used, so I will use these first.

Fake tanners – In 2010 I didn’t use any fake tan at all.  I know I should probably chuck out the fake tans I do have, but I’m tempted to see if they are OK still.  It might be my New Year’s resolution to be tanned and gorgeous! 

Samples – Yes Sample Sunday is back on... starting today!  A post will follow shortly.

So there are my challenges for the year for toiletries.  You probably all have the same problems as me, keeping on top of your stash, and I know that some of you are also challenging yourself to a similar challenge – good luck if you are!  For me, I have such limited space in the flat and I’m a bit of a neat freak, so I do get a bit anxious if my products are spilling out everywhere – it unsettles me! 

I also need to save some money.  We’re planning a big and expensive holiday to America at the beginning of March, so I need to save the pennies for the trip.  You will see that many of my challenges end around then, so hopefully I won’t need to buy any more products until I’ve saved for the holiday.  So this challenge is tied in with not spending any money until March. I’m also planning a clothes shopping ban until then, a book shopping ban (well maybe not, I have some Amazon vouchers still), a buying lunch from a shop ban, a buying nice coffee ban, and a makeup ban.  But I’ll take about my makeup plans in a separate post to come...

For things I do need, I have £18 worth of Boots points on my card.  I did have £75 worth of points, but I spent most of that treating myself over Christmas.  I reckon this will cover essentials for the next couple of months.  If I need something, I’ll buy it, but I won’t be randomly spending.

I intend to update this challenge weekly so that I stay on track.  I will be confessing any occasions I fall off the wagon!

Have you had a good Christmas haul of smellies?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount you have as well?  Let me know if you’re contemplating a similar challenge!

Thanks for reading (my very rambling) post!  xx


Claire@Eyelining said...

That is so weird :s I kind of nicked your Sample Sunday title without knowing that yours existed! Sorry lol. I've been doing Sample Sunday posts for a while now and had no idea someone was using the title first! You have quite the collection there! Hope you manage to use everything and save a bit of cash x

Lauren said...

Hi :) I think a Beauty Diet is such a great idea! And so is Sample Sunday - do you mind if I do the same? I have a ton of toiletries that need using - especially a huge Soap & Glory stash I seem to have acquired through 2010. Good luck saving for your holiday! x

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

@Claire - great minds think alike! It's a good way of actually using things up I think!

@Lauren - feel free to do the same - the more the merrier!

Laura said...

I am going to be doing exactly the same and like you will post on my blog as and when i finish things or give in to temptation and buy more lol

good luck!

Laura X

MakeupIsMyMedicine said...

I think going on a beauty diet is a great idea, especially for us junkie! :) Good luck and I know you can do it!

Jo said...

I so need to do this too! Great idea hunny.


Ess-Jay24 said...

I need to do this too, definitely to save money, big expensive holiday in March too, don't think i need to buy any toiletries for it apart from suncream!

ChrissyDee said...! A fab way of clearing some space and samples are welcome. I totalled up my smellies this year - I won't need to buy anything until at least October! Insanity.

I think I need to do this with my skincare...

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I do use up all of my bath and body stuff especially my scrubs but this is a good idea to get on top of it all. I sometimes discover things I forgot I had usually body lotions and lip balms that I've left in handbags after I've changed to a new one.

Good Luck - I'll enjoy reading about your empties!


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