Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Accessorize Baked Bronzer Duo - Laguna and GOSH Natural Touch Cream Blush in Peachy Rush

These are a couple of items I bought in Brighton last week, so I thought I'd review them and show you some swatches.

First off, are Accessorize allowed to call their bronzer "Laguna"?  Surely that's a blatant rip-off of Nars?  I've not tried the Nars one, so I can't compare the two, but I was looking for a baked bronzer, and this one appealed to me as the colours were cooler toned and less orange than most bronzers, so when I saw the name I thought I'd have it. It cost £6 from Superdrug.

There are two different colours in the pan, a darker and lighter one.  They are both pretty pigmented, so I've fallen foul of using too much bronzer a few times since I bought it.  I've found that just a quick swirl round the pan (mixing the two colours together) gives plenty of product to bronze my whole face.  I think I prefer the lighter colour on its own, as I'm slightly scared of over-doing it, but I do like both mixed together.  I'd steer clear of using the darker shade alone (but I am really pale).

L to R: Darker colour alone, blended, lighter colour alone

L to R: Darker colour alone, blended, lighter colour alone

I quite like this bronzer.  I don't think it'll become an all-time favourite, as it's not the easiest product to blend and work with, but I do like it and like the glow and contouring it gives to my face without too much shimmer.

I really like cream blushes, but I only have a couple of Mac ones, so I thought I'd try a less expensive one.  I really want an Illamasqua one in a similar colour to this blush, so I thought this would be a sort of dupe.

I really like the colour, but I'm less impressed with the product.  It's a bit too slippy and watery without much pigment.  It sort of disappears on my skin, so I have to load on several layers to get a good colour, and then I stray into danger territory of having too much blush!  Although it's slippy, it's not that blendable and it fades into my face during the day.

I'm pretty disappointed with this blush actually - I was expecting better  as it wasn't the cheapest cream blush on the market (costing £7.49 at Superdrug).  I think I'll steer clear of these blushes in the future, maybe trying Topshop Cream Blushes (if I can ever find a store selling them) or forking out for Mac and Illamasqua.

Here are the least horrific pictures of me modelling both items for your viewing pleasure - if you look closely, you will note my rubbish blending of the blush!

What's your favourite cream blush?  Mine is a very old blush and lip combo from The Body Shop I used to use about ten years ago - I wish they still made it!

Thanks for reading! xx

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Robyn said...

My fave cream blushes are Inglot. Hard to get hold of, but well worth it! I also use my lippies as blushes a lot of the time.


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