Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Houston We Have a Problem Body Moisturiser Challenge - Update #1

A few weeks ago I blogged about my body moisturiser collection which had spiralled out of control!  I had 26 moisturisers just sitting around, taking up space, unused and unloved.  I decided to take action and get moisturising!  I have been religiously moisturing every night since my original post, apart from one night when I was ill and another when I was really tired (and maybe I had a G&T or two).

So here are my 3 empties so far.  They are Como Shambala (which I got from a Glossy Box) Avon Rich Moisture Body Cream (which I think I got on an offer with an Avon order) and Sweet Treat Boutique Chocolate Body Cream.

I thought I'd do a mini review of all of them as I've been ploughing through them!

Como Shambala is a really lovely product.  It's more of a lotion than a body cream, and although light, is easily absorbed and gives long lasting moisturising.  This is one I'd consider using again, although the herby smell doesn't really do much for me.

The Avon Body Cream was horrid!  Luckily I'd used most of it up already.  However, it's thick, gloopy and not easy to absorb - it just tends to sit on my skin.  I've been moisturising last thing at night, and as an example of how much I dislike this, I went running first thing one morning having used this the night before.  I didn't shower before running, I just got up (brushed my teeth and dressed) and went.  It was quite a cold morning and I was running 10 miles, but after 3 miles I started to sweat and rather than normal sweat, I was sweating out the body cream!  I felt absolutely disgusting and itchy all over my body and I felt like I couldn't cool myself down as all my pores were blocked - it was horrible!  I definitely wouldn't use this again, even on an offer!

The Sweat Treat Boutique Chocolate Body Cream was from a Christmas gift set last year.  I quite liked its consistency, absorption and moisturising properties, but I wasn't bowled over by the smell.  Although I like real chocolate, I don't like chocolate cake or anything flavoured with chocolate (even if it is with real chocolate).  The body cream smells like chocolate cake and that put me off a bit!  On the day I finished using this, I actually spotted one the same for sale in a local charity shop for 50p - I decided I didn't need a re-stock!

I'm well on my way to using up a few more as well, so I'll update again soon!

So of the 26 I originally had, I threw one bad one away, and I've used up 3, making only 22 left of my target to get down to 16 by Christmas.  However, I have been bad and bought a new gift set which includes a body moisturiser - doh!  So I'm back up to 23 - 7 to go!  I think I might need to think about moisturing twice a day to get through them all!

Thanks for reading! xx


Beauty Balm said...

the glossybox one sounds nice - but I'll swerve the other two! Guessing you will get more for Christmas! x

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

I'm anticipating a lot more at Xmas! All my sisters and sis in laws all give each other beauty gift sets! x

Anonymous said...

I've got about 20 now myself and I've been using a different every day. I always use a thick or whipped body butter on my legs as they get the driest and a body lotion on the rest of my bod.

Hey at least we'll be the softest babes in Britain!


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