Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Party Look

Happy Christmas everyone!!!  Hope you're all well.  Well, the saga of my broken camera continues, I've still not got a new one, but I'm also on the look out for one.  Still not decided on whether to get a compact or SLR... decisions, decisions.

Anyway, I've found some photographs I took on my old camera that were already on my computer of me trialling a Christmas party look I was going to wear back in November, so I thought I'd show you all.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to wear the makeup (or my amazing white gold dress that I'd spent two months dieting to make sure I fitted into) as I didn't make it to my Christmas Party.  The party was in Birmingham last Saturday, and if you live anywhere in the Worcestershire area you'll know that the snow caused horrendous problems on the M5 motorway and people were stuck for hours.  We made it about half way up the motorway from Bristol, before turning round and coming straight home.  So I ended up spending my Christmas party evening at home, wearing half of my glamorous makeup and with curled, but not styled hair, sitting on my sofa watching the Strictly final. Hmmmph!

I don't think I'm going to get another opportunity to rock my gold dress over Christmas or New Year.  I've only got a couple of trips to the pub planned, and New Year is usually quite low key for me, so it's back in the wardrobe for another year.

Anyway, here is my trial of my Christmas Party makeup.  I used the Coastal Scents Warm 88 palette to do a silver/gunmetal lid with a gold crease extending upwards.  I also added some Barry M Dazzle Dust (No. 44) on top of the gold, which I think was a bit too much actually, and I would've skipped it for the actual eye look.  For my eyeliner I used a Rimmel Pencil, but I was planning to use Mac gel liner for the actual party look, and I used Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara, but would've rocked some falsies for the party.

My skin looks horrible in these pictures - I can't remember what foundation I used, but obviously not a great one, and I used Posey by Mac on my cheeks.  For a highlighter, I used Powderflage by Benefit.  This is supposed to be a concealer, but it doesn't conceal anything.  It's a sort of shimmery powder, but not quite shimmery enough for a highlight.  In fact, it's a completely useless product, and I would recommend that you never buy it!

On my lips I used Cream Cup by Mac (which I won from Julie's fab giveaway) with some gloss over the top (I can't remember which one).

I did half of this look on Saturday before we headed out - it took me ages, what a waste of time!

By the way, I took these pictures on the third day after my Brazilian blow dry, so I was itching to wash my hair.  You can just about see some of the highlights I'd had put in my hair in the pictures as well.  The Brazilian blow dry didn't really work on my hair.  It isn't any straighter, and it's still really big and volumnous, and I can't just blow dry it and go.  It does seem to be a bit softer and shinier and less frizzy, but I'm not sure if that is because I bought some Moroccan Oil when I had the blow dry and I've been using that ever since as well.  I am able to leave my hair to dry naturally and wear it as a natural curl, which is great, but I wouldn't do it again!

I've found a few more pictures on my computer, so I'll try and get a few posts up over the Christmas holidays, and hopefully, get a new camera soon (yeah)!

Thanks for reading xx

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DebDobDoorNob said...

Such a shame you didnt make it to your xmas party hun, this snow is a nightmare!!!

You look gorge tho, hopefully you'll get a chance to rock the gold dress soon!!



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