Monday, 13 December 2010

Taking an Enforced Blogging Break

Hi lovelies!  I've not been posting very much recently, due to the busy-ness of my life at the moment and because my camera conked out, and I'm waiting until after Christmas to buying a new one.  My friend lent me her old camera, which is fine for work, but it's no good for blogging.  I thought I'd wait until I get paid (and hopefully get a bonus as well - well I can hope) before buying a new camera, and do some proper research into what camera will be best for me and for blogging.  I usually rush into buying things like this, but I thought I'd try to buy a good camera this time.

So you may not see me posting much for the next few weeks.  I'll still be around and posting when I can, but without a decent camera, I won't do my blog justice, so I'd rather save up my posts until I can take good pictures.

If you have any camera recommendations, please let me know.  I was originally thinking of a compact camera, but now I'm thinking digital SLR.  I'm undecided, so let me know your suggestions!

Thanks for reading - I will be back soon!  xx

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Vintage and Cake said...

check out make-up savoy she got a wicked one that even I want, I need a new camera to mine is so pants. You can still blog :) maybe you could post your fave picks ..or something. It's nice to have a break but don't feel like you can't blog with out your camera xxxxx


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