Sunday, 25 September 2011

NOTD - Accessorize Magical Mocha

Hi everyone - here's my NOTD for you - Magical Mocha from Accessorize.

Whilst I love this colour, and Accessorize polishes are quite good value, I've not been impressed by this polish, or by the previous one I've tried.  They are a pain to go on, with a fiddly brush that doesn't seem long enough, they dry ok, but then they chip like nothing else.  Literally this lasted less than a day and that was with a top coat!  I expect better from a polish, and you can get better polishes than this at similar prices.

However, the colour, a bronzey, brownish sparkle with a slightly mauve tone is lovely - does anyone know of any dupes?

I've since totally destroyed what was left of my manicure digging up the last of my potatoes in my garden, so it's time to start again!  Here's a picture of a massive potato I dug up about a month ago, with a mini Babybel for size comparison - it did for a whole meal of mash for two, with plenty left over!!!

Thanks for reading! xx

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