Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Denise McAdam Fight the Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner

My local Tesco store has recently had a revamp and has expanded its beauty aisle which has made me curious to try some of the products on offer that were not previously stocked.  So when I was offered the chance to try some of them out I was excited!  I’ve been keen to feature a few more affordable products on my blog, being aware that a lot of the recent products I’ve been reviewing have been quite expensive.

The first product I’ve been trying out are the Fight the Frizz Smoothing and Shampoo and Conditioner from the Denise McAdam range of hair care.  I was interested to see that Denise McAdam, the celebrity stylist behind the range has styled a vast array of prestigious clients – from the glamorous Grace Kelly to taming Sarah Ferguson’s tresses for her wedding day hair.  If she can do it for Fergie, she should be able to help my super-frizzy hair!

I find the packaging quite unusually styled – it’s quite distinctive and it looks good on my bathroom shelf.  It’s handy that both bottles have flat lids, so you can tip them upside down to get the max out of the bottles.  The lids are different colours to tell the conditioner and shampoo apart – this is my one complaint about the packaging – I would prefer it if the bottles were a slightly different shade to tell them apart as so many other companies use.  I did once use the shampoo bottle twice, instead of the conditioner, which was a waste of product.

The shampoo is thick, lathers up quickly and does a good job of cleaning my hair with just one soaping and rinsing.  It’s not SLS free, but I’m not at all bothered by that, as I like lots of suds when I’m washing my hair.  It has a very pleasant, light floral smell that doesn’t linger, but is a nice scent in the shower.  However, the best thing about this shampoo is that it doesn’t tangle my hair.  Since I’ve grown my hair long, I’ve found it near on impossible to find a shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair completely knotted up after rinsing.  My thick, long hair just gets tangled up completely and then gets damaged when I try to brush it out – no such issues with the Fight the Frizz Shampoo. 

I’ve only  used the conditioner in conjunction with the shampoo, and it is easy to smooth on and comb through with my non-tangled tresses.  The conditioner has the same floral fragrance as the shampoo.  It’s not a particularly thick product, but it conditions well and you don’t need to use masses of it, something that uses up thicker products fast.  I didn’t have particularly high expectations of this, given the frizzy thickness of my hair, I usually need to use expensive and heavy-duty products to tame the frizz.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by this, it left my hair soft and manageable and noticeably less frizzy than if I’d used an ordinary conditioner.  The best thing about the conditioner is that it also doesn’t make my hair greasy.  I’ve used many cheaper and not so cheap brands of frizz management conditioner and most of them leave my hair greasy within a day.  However, the Fight the Frizz conditioner lasts two days in my hair before the grease starts.  I like to wash my hair only every other day, so this suits me well.

So would I buy these myself?  Well, yes I would. I last saw them on offer in my local Tesco for 2 for £5, which I think is a very reasonable price to pay.  They perform well against other brands of shampoo and conditioner in the same price bracket and are affordable for most people.  I’m glad I’ve tried them and found another brand I like, and one I can sling in my trolley whilst I’m doing my weekly shop!

Thanks for reading! xx

DISCLAIMER: This item was provided free of charge for review purposes.  This has not influenced my review in any way - I always express my honest opinion on any product I review.

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