Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wedding Outfit No 1 - Styling and Ideas

This summer I'm going to 3 weddings, having already been to one this year! I've also got a posh work summer ball. This calls for an outfit SOS.  Luckily, I can recycle outfits, as one is the wedding of a friend, the other is my boyfriend's cousin and the final is my sister's wedding.  No one is going to the same one apart from me and the Mister.  Anyhow, I have bought two dresses, and thought I'd have a go at styling them today.  Here's my first attempt...

I saw this dress in Oasis for £60 and it really stood out to me - I thought it would be perfect and a little bit unusual for my sister's wedding.  Unfortuneately, my Mum has vetoed it - she has bought a mint green jacket and this dress will clash.  The dress looks mint in the photos, but it's actually more of a pea green - I definitely couldn't stand next to my Mum in it!  The dress is very 70s styled - with big, flowing sleeves and a short body, nipped in with an integral belt.  I'm planning to wear this to my friend's wedding, where my boyfriend is the Best Man.

I think I can be a bit fun and playful with this dress.  I'm thinking of styling it with antique-toned gold jewellery, and bright accessories, including my purple patent Mary-Jane's from Office and an orange hand bag from Next.  I'm also considering some bright flowers in my hair.  I'm not sure about the hand bag - it might be a bit too clashy.  There's a yellow one in Oasis that I might get instead.

What do you reckon?  It's a bit different for me, and quite bold, but I can see it coming together as an outfit.  Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions!

Dress - Oasis £60
Purple Patent Mary Janes - Office £40 (2 years ago)
Orange Hand Bag - Next (4 years ago)
Earrings - Warehouse (old)
Necklace - Next £6 (this season)
Large bangle - Warehouse (old)
Flower Hair Accessories - Accessorize Clearance £1 each


Joybunny24 said...

I love the colour of the dress and the shoes are to die for :-) you'll look super pretty :-)

The Brunette said...

I love the colour of that dress and those shoes are gorgeous x

Ess-Jay24 said...

The colour is really pretty and love the shoes! I have about 5 weddings next year, why do they all come at once!

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

The shoes, oh my goodness, they are beeeeautiful! I like this outfit a lot.


Jadegrrrl said...

<3 the dress is amazing <3 I'd probably keep the rest of the look really simple, keep the necklace, one bangle and lose the rest.

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Thanks everyone. So the concensus is keep the dress, keep the shoes, and simplify the accessories a bit to just the necklace and a bangle. I can over-accessorise a bit, so I need your input!

Thanks again - will take some snaps at the wedding to show you all.



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