Friday, 1 July 2011

June Favourites

Hi everyone - 2 posts in a week from me!  I have a free weekend, so I'm planning to stock up a load of blog posts in advance to try to break the blogging drought.  I've got loads of ideas, just no time to put the posts together!

Here are my favourites from June.

First off, the skin nightmare I had back in May has continued all through June, and it's only now that my skin is starting to calm down.  I have identified the culrprets, but my skin has just been awful!  My saviours have been Avene and Sudocream.  I've been using Sudocream as a night cream and Avene Skin Recovery Cream as a day cream.  Both are excellent, non-reactive, and have helped me to sort out my skin - both the dryness and the spots that followed my amateur attempts to counter-act the dryness.  Since it's the summer, I've been going without serum as well, as I don't think my skin needs it.

Avene Extremely Gently Cleanser has been my go-to cleanser for the past month and I love it.  It removes eye makeup as well as generally good cleansing action.  I've applied it using either my fingers or a cotton wool pad.  Although you don't have to, I always wash it off once I'm done.

It was a cheapy gift, but I've really liked Sweet Treat Boutique (from Boots I think) body lotion this month.  It smells lovely - I also really liked the shower gel from this range which I used back in January.  One to look out for when Boots Christmas ranges come out.

I've blogged about my HG hair care product - Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco Masque, and it's a total favourite of mine!

Vermont Va Va Voom Lip Butter by Body America has become a bit of a staple.  I use it every night before I go to sleep, and it's a great lip balm.

Deepthroat on the left, Rosette on the right

In terms of makeup, I'm addicted to Deep Throat by Nars.  It was my first Nars purchase, and I love it!  For my lipstick, I've been reaching for this Clinique lipstick, Rosette, the most.  It was the one that came free with Glamour back in March, and it's a perfect colour for me.

So lots of favourites this month!  Have you tried any of these?


Eliza said...

deepthroat will always be one of my fave products (i always feel so embaressed asking for it, and my boyfriend finds it hilarious! haha). great post!


Anonymous said...

You've got a good variety of products here. I've never tried anything from Bumble and Bumble and my hair is dry as the desert but I have a new tub of Boots Botanics conditioner to try so B&B will have to wait :(


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