Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Amazing Grace – Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Facial from Grace Emmerson - With Special Offer!

Recently I was asked if I would like to have a Dr Hauschka Rejuvenating Facial treatment, and understandably, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve never tried any Dr Hauschka products before, or had a treatment using them, so I was interested to find out more.  I was invited to the home of Grace Emmerson who would carry out the treatment.  Grace lives not far from me, in a lovely house in a quiet part of Bristol, with plenty of parking nearby.

If you fancy a facial after reading this post, Grace has kindly offered Bristol Beauty Blog readers 20% off Dr Hauschka Facials!  Just quote "Bristol Beauty Blogger" when you are booking! 

When I arrived, Grace showed me into her beautiful treatment room, and immediately set about putting me at ease, as we chatted briefly about the facial and she asked me about my skin and skincare routine.  For the last couple of months I’ve been suffering from terrible breakouts on my neck and we discussed the possible causes of this.  Grace asked me about my work and whether I had been stressed recently, which I most definitely have been.  We concluded that this was the most likely cause of my spots.

I then lay down and the treatment began.  It was an hour of pure, pampering bliss!  I’m always slightly self-conscious with beauty treatments, but after a couple of minutes I shut my eyes and totally relaxed.  My face and chest were wrapped in various moistened and scented lengths of muslin – sometimes warm and sometimes cold to stimulate my skin.  A number of cleansers were applied to firstly remove my makeup then the deeply cleanse my skin.  Grace has such a light and gentle touch, it felt so calming and relaxing.

Once my skin was thoroughly clean, Grace massaged my face using touch and soft brushes to stimulate my lymphatic system.  This felt so wonderful that I drifted off a couple of times.  After the massage, a nourishing treatment was applied and I again drifted off for a few minutes whilst it did its work.

Finally, my skin was cleansed again using the lengths of muslin again and a moisturiser applied.  Grace finished the treatment with a few head and neck rolls.  The whole treatment took about an hour and I felt unhurried and totally pampered.

Afterwards, not only did I feel completely relaxed, my skin felt fantastic.  It was so soft and smooth and moisturised to just the right amount.  Once I had got dressed Grace brought me a glass of water and some snacks and we talked about the facial.  She talked me through the rejuvenating facial and the Dr Hauschka products she had used and would recommend for my skin.  I was surprised to learn that she used a dry oil on my face as a moisturiser.  Although I occasionally use a facial oil in the winter, this oil didn’t feel at all oily – it was light, but also moisturising.  My face felt lovely.

The effects of the facial have lasted well.  Although my breakout hasn’t completely cleared up, it is so much better and my face feels and looks like it is on the mend.  I’ve had no adverse reaction to any of the Dr Hauschka products used, although my skin can be sensitive to new products. I’ve also been taking Grace’s knowledgeable advice and being gentler on my skin – I typically scrub my skin far too much and am quite harsh on my face in general.  I’ve been trying to tone back on the scrubbing and attempting to replicate a more gentle approach on my face – my skin seems to like it!

This facial treatment gets the Bristol Beauty Blog seal of approval – Grace’s expertise and skills, combined with the fantastic Dr Hauschka products made it a wonderfully relaxing experience and my skin feels and looks great.  If you are interested in finding out more, or booking a treatment you can visit Grace’s website here to browse this treatment as well as the other treatments she offers.

Remember, Grace has offered 20% off if you quote "Bristol Beauty Blogger"!

Disclaimer:  I was offered this facial free of charge for consideration.  This has in no way altered my opinion or influenced my review – this was a truly excellent facial and one I would have no hesitation to recommend and one I would happily pay for in the future.  

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beano54 said...

sounds like a fab facial, may give them a try
love your blog by the way!!!


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