Sunday, 17 April 2011

Vintage Liberty Print Silk Scarf

Hi everyone.  Today I went to a vintage/antique/flea market, as I love to have a good poke around for vintage items, usually for my home.  The market was very quiet, so my friend and I got chatting to a stallholder who had a great selection of vintage and antique designer fabrics and clothes.  She had a great selection of vintage silk scarves - I'm always drawn to scarves of all types - they're a staple of my wardrobe.   I spotted this beautiful silk scarf from Liberty and snapped it up for £15.  The stallholder also had beautiful scarves from Hermes and Oscar De La Renta (as well as a "tasteful" Versace number), but I couldn't stretch to buying those as well, although they were all similarly priced.  The Liberty print scarf has a very distinctive pattern and a beautiful colour combination - I can see myself wearing it lots and lots for years to come.

I have quite a large collection of vintage silk scarves myself, most of which I inherited from my Granny - if anyone is at all interested, I will do a post showing my silk scarf collection.  I think scarves are a great investment for a designer splurge or a pricier vintage item.  You won't grow out of them, they add a distinctive signature to your style, and, if they're a classic design, you can keep them forever (as long as you protect them from moths!)  I know that I wear scarves now that my Granny owned 50 or 60 years ago!  Still, I can't quite justify the £300 Alexander McQueen scarf I have my eye on - I might have to save up for a slightly cheaper A McQ design, but I can still lust after it!

Thanks for reading! xx


Phoebs said...

oooo it's beautiful! Sadly vintage shops in london are often extremely overpriced! xxx

Phoebs said...

oooo it's beautiful! Sadly vintage shops in london are often extremely overpriced! xxx

JadeyLou said...

So pretty! I am a scarf fiend! Where abouts do you go to vintage places like that? Now I have more time I'd love to go to some but I have no idea where to start! Is it in Bristol?

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Glad you like it! JadeyLou, I bought it at a vintage/flea market/antique fair at the conference centre next to UWE. They have them every couple of months and they're pretty good - they had loads of lovely vintage clothes as well as other knick knacks - worth googling them to see when the next one is. x

Miss A said...

Such a beautiful scarf. Ooh, I need one now :P



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