Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion

Oh Katie (that's me by the way), why did you buy this Tan Enhancing Lotion from Fake Bake with Gold Glisteners (let's not forget about the gold glisteners).  You're not exactly a sun-worshipper, preferring to hide in the shade and you’re not much of a fake tanner either.  So why did you spend £14 on what is basically a glorified body lotion?  It’s not even very glorified – you can’t even see the gold glisteners, despite the statement on the front of the bottle. 

How many body lotions do you already have in your beauty storage?  Well at the start of the year, according to your Beauty Diet you had 11 body lotions and 4 body butters, with more on the go.  Some of these have been used up, but you still have loads left – there was no need for you to buy this Tan Enhancing Lotion. 
Bare arm - no Tan Enhancing Lotion

Nice big dollop of lotion

All rubbed in - can you see any glisteners?

Hmmm - close up - still no glisteners

Maybe at this angle?  Perhaps a sheen, but no glisteners
Despite its fresh watermelon smell, and admittedly thick and creamy moisturising action, you can’t see the gold glisteners (whatever they may be) and you have plenty of good body creams that will help to maintain your fading Cuban tan.  I remember Katie, you once splashed out on an aftersun from No. 7 that did contain lots of sparkles.  It was at least half the price of the Fake Bake one, but even then, it was pretty steep.  There was no point in splurging £14 on this pointless cream.   Have you lost your mind!?  There’s no difference to your tan, and you’ve just added a very expensive product to your body lotion mountain.  Don’t do it again!
Thanks for reading!  xx


Cherry said...

How disappointing! Maybe you could sell it or something? I got myself a Garnier gradual tan moisturiser today, maybe something a bit cheaper and cheerful will be better for you!

The Brunette said...

Hmm that does not sound that great.

I have wanted to try Xen Tan for a while as I hear so many good things about it. xx

Anonymous said...

Your arm looks very moisturised but no sparkles! :0

Claire@Eyelining said...

Hehe this post made me giggle. Don't worry, we've all done it at some point. Gotten home and gone to unpack our shopping and thought 'Why the hell did I buy this?'. Looks like I'll be steering clear of this product! x

Fake Bake said...

wondering about trying tanamins because i am naturally very pale but have super bad farmers tan!! I dont want my tanned skin to tan anymore -infact i want to lighten it!- so i'm Wondering if it will


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