Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wedding Outfit 2 - Ideas and Styling - Please Help Me!

If you regularly follow my blog, you will know I'm going to 4 weddings this year!  2 down so far, only 2 more to go!  One coming up is my sister's wedding, so I want to get the styling right, as the photos are likely to be sat on my Mum's shelf for years to come...

I've bought a dress from Phase 8 and it was very expensive.  I do like it, but I'm not 100% sure about it.  I might need to try it on again, or carry on looking to see if I find a dress I like better.

Anyway I've had an attempt at styling the dress - really only to get ideas for jewellery that would match, as well as shoes, accesories and makeup colours etc.  If anyone had any other suggestions as to what would work with this dress, please help me!!!  I find styling outfits, especially formal outfits soo difficult!  I'm relying on you ladies to work your magic...

Dress - Phase 8
Shoes - Nine West
Jewellery - Dorothy Perkins, Next, Warehouse
Scarf - Vintage (my Granny's)
Nail Polish - OPI
Eyeshadows - Accessorize and Mac
Eye pencils - Eyeko and Avon
Hair Feathers - Independent shop
Cat - blogger's own

Thanks ladies - all your help is much appreciated! xx


jaljen said...

The whole feel is very 'evening' and maybe a little fussy. I know you will want it to see you through to the evening but I think it needs a pop of colour. Acid green for the chiffon scarf? Something green anyway.

I find the jewellery a bit too much. You should keep the dress as it was expensive but subvert it with some chunkier jewellery with a more contemporary vibe. It's all a bit 'frail'.

Well, that's what I think. Lots of lovely things but needs fewer of them and a bold touch somewhere.

Nat said...

I'm terrible at styling outfits too, so not much help. Just wanted to say that the dress looks beautiful! Really is pretty x

LucyyLou said...
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LucyyLou said...

I'd probs cut out the scarf and the feather necklace, both are gorgeous though, and keep the pearl necklace or a thin simple necklace with like a gem or two instead and concentrate on using colour in the makeup like you show and painting your nails. The shoes are gorgeous! Have the one or two braclets and simpler earrings? as the shoes are detailed. The dress is gorgeous too! But I'm not the best person I havent even been to a wedding yet :P

Lucy xx

Ray said...

I'm thinking- don't wear any necklaces as it looks like the neckline is quite high up. I would focus on wearing maybe a nice bracelet and ring, or ear rings and a ring. However this depends on how you are having your hair. Regardless you will look fab as always xxx

Voe said...

I had to scroll back up and look at all of your pics again because I completely missed the cat first time around!!

I adore those shoes. They are to die for!

All the best,

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Thanks for all your feedback ladies. Some really good advice there! I'm going to a wedding next weekend before my sister's wedding so I might test out the outfit and styling for that wedding. However, I have bought another dress as well that I think I like better! It's a lot simpler and less fussy than this dress, and probably more 'me'. What a dilemma! Thanks again! xx


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